WHO is Rockin Rootz for?

These Rootz are for EVERYBODY! Our jewelry is unisex and can be sized to fit adults or children (please let us know of specific sizing requests.)

WHAT exactly is Rockin Rootz Designs?

Handcrafted jewelry and accessories designed to inspire and enrich our communities through embracing our culture. We offer various accessories all designed to keep you connected to the culture.

WHEN did this Rockin Rootz thing start?

We've all been rockin since birth, it's just in us... but as far as jewelry goes, we started January 2017.

WHERE can I rock my rootz

We hope you'll rock them everywhere! Our accessories are safe and comfortable to wear anytime. Whether you dress them up or down, feel confident all around town.

WHY Rockin Rootz?

Well obviously they're fly! Why not?  More importantly "Rockin Rootz" for us means paying tribute to our history, heritage and ancestors.  We choose to "Rock our Rootz" through creating and wearing our beautifully handcrafted accessories. We hope you're inspired to Rock Your Rootz proudly... whatever those roots may be.